Already since 1986 in North land Latvia are working athletic enthusiasts.In Limbazi - Aldis Vucens, HaraldsBruninieks. In Rujiena-Guntis Karps, Madona - Roman Lizbovskis, Stanislav Filipov. In Valmiera since 1993with Janis Jurmalnieks, who foundedat that time the most modern sports gym in Valmiera in the fifth high school. In Cesis district work started Roman Sipillocreating a gym in Rauna, in Valka city is operatingYuri Volkov. Northland athletic union includes both former athletes and young people who started working out at that time in not very appropriate and well-equipped rooms. With the dumbbells and weight bars alone wasn't enough - machines were needed. Local enthusiasts made machines themselves, copying them from foreign magazines. In appearance, they did not look aesthetically good, but the quality was not the worst.

In the late eighties in BAFSB organizedcompetitions young peoplebegan to participate and they did get good results. From Limbazi it is worth mentioning Andris Cakstins, Jurgis Krastins, Ugis Krickis. In the early nineties came the first bodybuilding champion Vjaceslav Skvorcov from Limbazi which held his title for nearly three years. Then came Janis Zelastibafrom Rujiena, who was the first bodybuilding pioneer in the Valmiera district. It is worth mentioning Raivis Aumeistars and Gundars Erglisfrom Rujiena, also Edijs Seleckis from Vaidava they all have shown good results in strength exercises. On a regular basis local championships are held, to which high-class athletes in powerliftingwere born. Competitions gave young people a purpose of life, changed their perception and created a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1993 came new enthusiasts establishingseveralnew gym's - "Efekts" in Limbazi, "BONA" in Rujiena, "Valkas athlete" in Valka. After several years of working together an idea was born to unite and create a gym union. In 1998 Northland Athletic Union(NAU) was officially established . Thanks toformerNorthlandEnergetic Constructions (NEC) Director Janis SalaNorth Athletic Union's home is in (NEC) premises. Today Northland Athletic Unionhas expanded its operations with new units in Limbazi - youth fitness center "Efekts" . In Pargaujas region Raiskums parish "Active youth recreation center."